Kinsella FP, Mooney DJ. Angioid streaks in beta thalassaemia minor. Br J Ophthalmol. 1988;72 (4) :303-4.Abstract
We report what we believe to be the first recorded case of angioid streaks in a patient with beta thalassaemia minor. The occurrence of angioid streaks in a patient with a relatively normal iron balance and only very mild haemolysis may be explained by the combination of pregnancy with associated multiple transfusions in a myopic patient where an inherent defect in Bruch's membrane may exist.
O'Connor MA, Mooney DJ. The additional pressure-lowering effect in patients with glaucoma of pilocarpine 2 per cent, adrenaline 1 per cent, or guanethidine 3 per cent with adrenaline 0.5 per cent and timolol 0.25 per cent: a double-blind cross-over study. Trans Ophthalmol Soc U K. 1983;103 ( Pt 6) :588-92.Abstract
A group of twelve comparable patients with primary open angle glaucoma were treated with Timolol 0.25 per cent drops to which was added pilocarpine 2 per cent, adrenaline 1 per cent or guanethidine 3 per cent plus adrenaline 0.5 per cent in a cross-over study. The initial intraocular pressure (IOP) reduction due to timolol was statistically significant. The mean additional IOP lowering due to pilocarpine 2 per cent was 1.37 mm Hg, that due to adrenaline 1 per cent was 1.79 mm Hg and that due to guanethidine 3 per cent plus adrenaline 0.5 per cent was 5.29 mm Hg.
Moloney JB, Mooney DJ, O'Connor MA. Retinal function in Stargardt's disease and fundus flavimaculatus. Am J Ophthalmol. 1983;96 (1) :57-65.Abstract
Ten patients with Stargardt's disease and 14 with fundus flavimaculatus underwent thorough ophthalmic examinations, retinal photography, and, when possible, fluorescein angiography. Retinal function was also assessed by static and kinetic perimetry, the Farnsworth-Munsell 100-hue test, electro-oculography, and electroretinography. Visual acuity and color discrimination were reduced in all patients (mean visual acuity, 20/120; mean error score, 365). On electroretinography all patients had some significant abnormality of cone function and 24 eyes had abnormal rod function (mean Vmax, 298.3). Electrooculographic findings were abnormal in 24 eyes and borderline in ten others. These abnormalities were similar in both groups but more severe in fundus flavimaculatus. Stargardt's disease and fundus flavimaculatus did not co-exist in any family studied and the mean duration of disease was similar in both, indicating that Stargardt's disease did not progress to fundus flavimaculatus. Both the age of onset and duration significantly affected the severity of fundus flavimaculatus but neither had a significant effect on Stargardt's disease.
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