• Tough adhesive

    Tough adhesive

    Credit: Jianyu Li, Adam Celiz, Wyss Institute.

  • Mesoporous silica rods

    Mesoporous silica rods

    Credit: Aileen Li, James Weaver

  • Dental pulp stem cells

    Dental pulp stem cells on regenerative biomaterial

    Credit: Kyle Vining

  • Encapsulated mesenchymal stem cell in alginate microgel

    Encapsulated mesenchymal stem cell in alginate microgel

    Purple: alginate, yellow: actin, blue: nucleus. Credit: Angelo Mao.

  • APC-ms

    Antigen-presenting cell-mimetic scaffolds

    Alex Cheung, David Zhang


The Mooney lab focuses on making therapies more effective and practical. Our research involves exploiting our understanding of cell and molecular biology to design biomaterials that effect and potentiate specific cell functions. The lab members consist of post-doctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students, research fellows, and visiting scholars from diverse academic backgrounds. For more information, please visit our publications page, and for any inquiries, please visit our contact page.

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