On-demand drug delivery from local depots


Brudno Y, Mooney DJ. On-demand drug delivery from local depots. J Control Release. 2015;219 :8-17.

Date Published:

2015 Dec 10


Stimuli-responsive polymeric depots capable of on-demand release of therapeutics promise a substantial improvement in the treatment of many local diseases. These systems have the advantage of controlling local dosing so that payload is released at a time and with a dose chosen by a physician or patient, and the dose can be varied as disease progresses or healing occurs. Macroscale drug depot can be induced to release therapeutics through the action of physical stimuli such as ultrasound, electric and magnetic fields and light as well as through the addition of pharmacological stimuli such as nucleic acids and small molecules. In this review, we highlight recent advances in the development of polymeric systems engineered for releasing therapeutic molecules through physical and pharmacological stimulation.
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