Sustained and controlled release of daunomycin from cross-linked poly(aldehyde guluronate) hydrogels

Date Published:

2000 Jul


We have incorporated daunomycin, an antineoplastic agent, into a biodegradable hydrogel through a labile covalent bond. In brief, sodium alginate was chemically broken down to low molecular weight and followed by oxidation to prepare poly(aldehyde guluronate). Adipic dihydrazide was used to incorporate the drug into the polymer backbone and cross-link the polymer to form hydrogels. Daunomycin can be released from the hydrogel after the hydrolysis of the covalent linkage between the drug and the polymer. A wide range of release profiles of daunomycin (e.g., from 2 days to 6 weeks) has been achieved using these materials, and the biological activity of the released daunomycin was maintained.
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