Parameters affecting cellular adhesion to polylactide films


Burg KJ, Holder WD, Culberson CR, Beiler RJ, Greene KG, Loebsack AB, Roland WD, Mooney DJ, Halberstadt CR. Parameters affecting cellular adhesion to polylactide films. J Biomater Sci Polym Ed. 1999;10 (2) :147-61.

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Absorbable biomaterials have been recently incorporated into the field of tissue engineering. Little work has been performed, even with the clinically acceptable absorbables, concerning their tissue promoting capability or lack, thereof. Furthermore, the relative attractions of cells to these implants may be largely disguised by the presence of serum. This research involved the development of an adhesion assay to compare the adhesion behavior of two cell types to two different polylactides in a serum free environment. The results showed that the attachment behavior depends not only on the cell or the polymer but a combination of the two.