The impact of tissue engineering on dentistry


Baum BJ, Mooney DJ. The impact of tissue engineering on dentistry. J Am Dent Assoc. 2000;131 (3) :309-18.

Date Published:

2000 Mar


BACKGROUND: Tissue engineering is a novel and highly exciting field of research that aims to repair damaged tissues as well as create replacement (bioartificial) organs. OVERVIEW: The authors provide a general review of the principles underlying key tissue engineering strategies, as well as the typical components used. Several examples of preclinical and clinical progress are presented. These include passive approaches, such as dental implants, and inductive approaches that activate cells with specific molecular signals. PRACTICE IMPLICATIONS: Tissue engineering will have a considerable effect on dental practice during the next 25 years. The greatest effects will likely be related to the repair and replacement of mineralized tissues, the promotion of oral wound healing and the use of gene transfer adjunctively.