Cell and tissue engineering in lymph nodes for cancer immunotherapy


Najibi AJ, Mooney DJ. Cell and tissue engineering in lymph nodes for cancer immunotherapy. Adv Drug Deliv Rev. 2020;161-162 :42-62.

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In cancer, lymph nodes (LNs) coordinate tumor antigen presentation necessary for effective antitumor immunity, both at the levels of local cellular interactions and tissue-level organization. In this review, we examine how LNs may be engineered to improve the therapeutic outcomes of cancer immunotherapy. At the cellular scale, targeting the LNs impacts the potency of cancer vaccines, immune checkpoint blockade, and adoptive cell transfer. On a tissue level, macro-scale biomaterials mimicking LN features can function as immune niches for cell reprogramming or delivery in vivo, or be utilized in vitro to enable preclinical testing of drugs and vaccines. We additionally review strategies to induce ectopic lymphoid sites reminiscent of LNs that may improve antitumor T cell priming.
Last updated on 05/04/2022