Darinka Klumpers

Darinka Klumpers

Visiting PhD student
Darinka  Klumpers


  • 2003-2006: BSc Medical Natural Sciences, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • 2006-2009: MSc Medical Physics, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Research Focus

Regeneration of skeletal tissues is an important focus of the tissue engineering research field. Since we could gain great insight from nature's own process of bone and cartilage formation, valuable information can be attained from embryonic development. My research focuses on the early development of the vertebral column, its patterned structure of alternating bone and cartilage forming an interesting model system. The embryonic development of the vertebral column starts with the formation of a linear pattern of mesenchymal stem cell condensations along the cranial-caudal body axis. While the cell condensations will eventually become the intervertebral discs (cartilage), the non-condensed regions will become the vertebrae (bone). We wonder what initially triggers the mesenchymal stem cells to form clusters, and in particular why these clusters form a regular linear pattern. And subsequently, why do the cells in the condensations differentiate towards cartilage and the non-condensed towards bone?



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